Participation in the meal plan program is required for those living in the residential halls, with the exception of students residing in Hale Ikena. Hale Ikena Apartment Complex is available to students who have completed 30 college credit hours or are 21 years of age or older. Hale Ikena residents have the option of opting out of the meal plan program.

Absolutely! UH Hilo Dining offers meal plans A, B, or C to students, faculty, and staff living off campus. These plans can be purchased as Voluntary Meal Plans. Also, Flex Dining Points can be purchased at anytime by anyone.

Students living on campus select their Meal Plan as part of the housing selection process each Academic Year. Voluntary Meal Plans can be purchased at the Housing Office. They can be reached at (808) 932-7403 or email at

Any changes to a meal plan must be done through the Housing Office. The number for the Housing Office is (808) 932-7403 or email at

We have a late night venue option with Munchies. It is open Monday -Thursday, 9:00pm-12:00am. It is located right in front of the Hale Kehau Dining Room.

Yes! We have many options and we add more every semester. In fact, many items are added based on requests from students. All of our dining locations regularly have menu options that are made with Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free ingredients that are clearly identified on our signage. We also offer soy milk, almond milk, and Lactaid, and Gluten-Free staple items.

You may speak to a Housing RA to see if someone will pack a meal for you to have later. You could also use Flex Dining Points to give you more flexibility to when you are able to get a meal.

You can designate your Housing RA to prepare a take-out meal and have it delivered to you.

Your Meal Plan is non-transferable and may only be used by you. You may use your dining points or blocks to purchase a meal for a guest.

Meal Plan D offers 175 Blocks per semester and $300 in Flex Points. This plan is only available to residents of Alahonua Dorm. Blocks can be used for meals at Hale Kehau OR any Sodexo Dining location on campus. 1 Block = 1 AYCE Meal at Hale Kehau 1 Block = $6.55 at any Sodexo retail location

Each Block is worth $6.55 at our retail locations or 1 AYCE meal at Hale Kehau Dining Room.

Dining Points can be purchased by anyone can be used at any Sodexo retail location on campus. The minimum purchase to open an account is $25. Purchases of $75 or more will receive a bonus of 10% in points. Bonus Points Specials are offered a few times a semester and are a great opportunity to fill up on points and enjoy a 15% bonus for every $100 purchased.

You may ask inquire with the cashier and they will be able to tell you your balance.

There is a minimum deposit of $25 to deposit points to your account. Payments are accepted by cash, credit/debit card or check. Purchasing points will give you a bonus as follows: $25+ earns 5% bonus points, $75+ earns 10% bonus points. Points Specials are offered 3-4 times a semester and at that time $100 will earn a 15% bonus.

Yes! You may call the Dining Office to have points added to your student's account. Call (808)932-7352 for purchase.

You may also add them through your student's GET app.

Yes, the Catering Department is available for your catering needs—large or small—from meetings, receptions, or off campus events. For details, please visit our Catering link online or call our catering coordinator at (808)932-7352 or email at

Your AYCE meals are reset each Sunday.

Notify the University Dining Services Office right away. Cards can be replaced at the Campus Center Office, (808) 932-7365. There is a replacement fee. The Dining Services Office in the Campus Center Dining Room can issue a temporary card at no fee with a valid picture ID. Temporary cards are valid for 3 days.