Plan Options

To meet your campus dining needs, we have designed four meal plans for the academic year. If you need to purchase a meal plan or make a change to your present plan, simply call the Housing Office at (808) 932-7403 or email at :

Participation in the meal plan program is required for those living in the residential halls, with the exception of students residing in *Hale Ikena. Meal Plans are as follows:

  • PLAN A: 7 All-You-Care-To-Eat Meals/Week + $500
  • PLAN B: 10 All-You-Care-To-Eat Meals/Week + $450 Flex Points
  • PLAN C: 14 All-You-Care-To-Eat Meals/Week + $325 Flex Points
  • PLAN D: 175 Blocks per Semester + $300 Flex Points

(Plan D is only available to residents of Alahonua Dorm) 1 Block = 1 AYCE Meal at Hale Kehau Dining Room or $6.25 at any other Sodexo dining location. Please advise the cashier if you are using Flex Points or Blocks at the time of purchase.

*Hale Ikena Apartment Complex is available to students who have completed 30 college credit hours or are 21 years of age or older. Hale Ikena residents have the option of opting out of the meal plan program.

Meal Plan meals and blocks can be used at Hale Kehau Dining Room towards one All-You-Can_Eat meal.

Flex Points can be used at any Sodexo Retail location on campus.  Meal plan flex points carry over from the Fall semester to Spring semester, but points not used by the end of the Spring semester become null and void. Flex points are usually applied to the student's UH Hilo ID. The ID then acts like a pre-paid debit card for the Sodexo food establishments on campus.

Flex points can also be purchased by anyone. Minimum to open an account is $25. Purchased points only expire if unused for over 6 months. A bonus can be earned when purchasing points. If someone does not have a UH Hilo ID, we can assign their points to a UH Hilo Dining Points card, which will operate like a pre-paid debit card for the Sodexo food establishments on UH Hilo campus.

Bonus as follows:

$75 or more earns 10% bonus

$25-$74 earns 5% bonus

More Meal Plan info here.


UH Hilo Dining offers meal plans A, B, or C to students, faculty, and staff living off campus. These plans can be purchased as Voluntary Meal Plans. Also, Flex Dining Points can be purchased at anytime by anyone.

Points can be used at any Sodexo dining location on campus. They work like a debit account. Charges at the register are deducted from your points balance.Points are non-transferable and non-refundable. Points expire if there is no account activity for 6 months. Payments are accepted by cash, credit card or check. Stop by the University Dining Office to purchase your points today! Minimum purchase amount: *$25+ earns 5% bonus points *$75+ earns 10% bonus points